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Welcome to our site. We are dedicated brick collectors, we preserve and research all areas of Brick manufacture, building methods and collecting of Bricks from Australia from its earliest settlement to today.

If you have any bricks that you would like identyfied please leave a blog and hopefuly one of our members will have the answer for you. As a collector just startiing in this great hobby or an avide experienced collector we hope that you get a lot of reward from this site in online discussions or knowledge from the sites pages.

Have a look in the Photo Gallery for a comprehensive listing of Australian made bricks. When you join up as an associate member you will be able to upload your own images of bricks. There are a few rules to follow so ask the site owner what is required.

Building the site:

In setting up this website, I've kept it fairly simple as to be friendly and functional. You can see the main pages and functions in the main menu bar above. There are a few small glitches. Hopefuly these will be over come in time.

Images can be uploaded by nominated members and bulk uploads are allowed, however it is best to keep bulk uploads to about 15 images and pre down size the images to 700 pixels.

In the Photo Gallery comments can be left on a blog on the second image by members, this is great as any member who has information about a brick can leave the details in the blog box on the large image of any brick. This feature alone will prove to be invaulable for brick collecting.

What now?

Now that we have a site for Collecting Australian Bricks we need to let everyone know where it is located. So email your friends the address even if they do not collect bricks they may have an interest. The more people to visit the site the more productive and better the promotion of our hobby.

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